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Blast off with a website quickly no coding necessary. Custom crafted templates tailored to fit your needs.

WTB does not just build websites, we build businesses.

No coding experience necessary.

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Constant 24/7 backups of your websites.

Get paid via debit card every 2 days.

No monthly fees.

No Domain Required

Use our services with or without a domain. You can point existing domains to WTB. Our platform by default provides you with a public url address, and social media share buttons to promote your websites products and services. Contact WTB support for assistance.


How It Works

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With growing your online presence with an online store or a blog to stay connected with your customers. We already have a few templates for you to choose from. We add new templates for you to choose from regularly. If you see a new template you like switch any time, and have all your website information transferred over to the new design.


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Frquently Asked Questions

WTB has no monthly fee, but we do charge a 3% platform fee with templates that include stores. This charge will only occur when your website makes sales.

Once you finish customizing your template you must complete our onboarding process with our payment processor. Once completed your information will be sent to our payment processor who will verify your information. For your your security we do not store your credit card details, or government issued identification cards. The payment processor that WTB uses is called STRIPE. Stripe powers many online platforms such as Lyft, Doordash, Taskrabbit, Instacart and many more. Follow the link provided above to their official website to find out more information about our payment processor.

WTB Onboarding Process all 7 steps must be completed to be verified.

WTB is not here to limit the minds and innovation of its users on our platform. We only ask that you obide by your local state rules and regulations when it comes to selling on our platform.

If you forget your password you can recover your password using the follow link Forgot Password?

To contact the WTB support team follow the following link to submit support ticket.

We have no limit restrictions on the amount of items you can upload in your store. We want your websites to be full and presentable to customers.

WTB website owners have the abillity to manage every aspect of the ordering processes upon arrival via email\text. In the manage orders section of WTB clients can refund their customers orders 100%. Contact the owner to dispute charges, and refunds if they are unable to meet your satisfaction contact WTB support. WTB will review the charge and refund the charges.

Yes, if you have an account on WTB you will be automatically enrolled in our hosting plan. Your website is backed up around the clock.

Sign in and the come back to this section to see both of our name servers. Add them to your domains host or wherever you bought the domain somwhere in the section where you manage your domains.

When a customer orders on your website your will receive a message via email, and text. To process the order follow the link in your email that will take you to the orders section on your website. If you follow the link that is sent to you via email/text it will take you to the Orders secction where you can view details about the order. What the customer orderered, how much you earned for the sale, how much WTB takes out in processing fees, and personal details about the customer so that you may deliver, or ship the items to the customer. Also you can go to the Order Manager section of your website to review current and old orders.

To add new items to your store you must be logged in to WebsiteTemplateBase. You must also be on the shop page. While on the shop page you will see a store icon use this to manage all aspects of your store. You can also add new products to your store by using the following link Add New Products.

Every item has a unique category in a store. That is why we give you the the freedom to add your own categories to fit your online store. To add new categories to your store you must be logged in to WebsiteTemplateBase.com. You must also be on the shop page. While on the shop page you will see a store icon use this to manage all aspects of your store. You can also add new categories to your store by using the following link Add New Categories.